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Consultation Update

Thank you all for taking the time to respond to our consultation, the full report will be available on our website on Tuesday, 11th July 2017.   In light of the news from Alban Academy, that they will be closing in 2018, we wanted to put out a short statement to reassure parents, staff and the community that Maple Tree and Sandye Place will be operating business as usual, both working together to continue to provide a strong education for your child/ren.   

 The response from the consultation gave clear preferences from the community, however there are some political blockers to overcome.  The Governing Bodies and leadership teams will continue to work with the DFE and other educational bodies over the coming months.  

We have had confirmation from the Local Authority that they cannot direct us to become anything other than what we are now.  As long as you choose Maple Tree and Sandye Place Academy as your first choice schools then we will have the capacity to remain open and continue to grow.   

Sandye Place open day is Saturday, 14th October 2017 and we welcome children of all year groups to come and enjoy the experience of our school for the day.  Both schools also welcome you to visit at any time, please contact the school offices if this is of interest.  

Thank you for your continued support, without you we would not be here. 

Cath Watters

PA to Principal