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House Captains and Vice Captains election

Now that the House system has been embedded in the school culture, we wanted to give our pupils’ voice a bigger focus. The Year 8 candidates “applied” for the position and handed in a “résumé”. Then, they had a week to prepare a speech, which they presented in front of all the pupils in their House. They demonstrated great courage and talent!

Their fellow House members cast their votes in a ballot. and our School Councillors undertook the great responsibility of counting the ballot papers in a very professional manner. 

Here are the successful candidates:

Pursuit Venture Challenge Discovery Endeavour
House Captain: Callum E House Captain: Lois T House Captain: Jasmine S House Captain: Hannah W House Captain: Hollie O

Vice-Captain: Dylan J

Vice-Captain: Darius S Vice-Captain: Robert R Vice-Captain: Amy S Vice- Captain: Jonathan H

The role of the House Captains and Vice Captains is very important which they will no doubt fulfil with diligence. They will help manage inter-house competitions, update leader board in the hall weekly to show how well each House is doing in Accelerated Reader, attendance, epraise and behaviour. They will also decide, along with the school councillors, which charities the school will donate to and find ways to raise money in a variety of competitions.