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An English Project with Miss Rook

On 24th November, Miss Rook's year 6 class spent a lesson on identifying the difference between formal and informal language and what that might look like in different situations, such as clothes, food and media interactions (such as texting vs letter writing). They spent the rest of the lesson learning about speech punctuation.

The following Monday it was the class’s chance to consolidate learning and bring it all altogether in a fun lesson. Their learning objective(LO) was:

LO: to apply our skills and knowledge of formal /informal language and direct speech into role play.

The children got to choose between whether they would be in formal or informal costume and dress up.

Next, to assess the application of the speech punctuation taught before. The children had a speech bubble to fill in to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of this skill. If they were dressed in formal clothes they were expected to write formally, and so forth. Miss Rook videoed the performances and took pictures for evidence of their learning and the wonderful time they enjoyed!