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Outdoor Learning

Throughout the autumn term, the Eco Warriors and a number of other pupils have been working alongside Mr Campbell and Miss Gaylor to improve opportunities for outdoor learning. Miss Gaylor has been meeting the Eco Warriors to not only draw up an action plan in order to ensure Sandye Place Academy is more eco-friendly as a school, but also to provide more frequent opportunities for learning outdoors.

A fun outdoor lesson plan has been devised where initially, the year 5 pupils will be able to apply theory into practice. In the next few weeks, they will be learning about shape and identifying its properties through
these outside activities. Miss Gaylor will be using a variety of resources and props, such as bamboo sticks, to stimulate the learning. Pupils' learning and feeback will be investigated.

Additionally, Mr Campbell has recently launched a new enrichment club where a number of pupils will be looking to improve the appearance of our spinney. During the next few weeks they will be weeding this area and building stumps that can be used as a seating around the spinney. We are hoping that eventually this will be a fun and unique learning space for pupils to go to during both curriculum time as well as break and lunch times. 

Many thanks to both Miss Gaylor and Mr Campbell for their hard work so far in creating such engaging and stimulating learning experiences for our pupils.