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Computing & ICT

The aim of this curricular area is to produce a core area which merges seamlessly with ICT utilised by other curricular areas and which enhances and builds upon the core input. ICT becomes a tool for life. A vehicle that develops the pupil’s learning capability throughout the school and beyond. It is also a means whereby pupils may find the path of a future career.

Year 6

Unit 2.5 - Where I live (using PowerPoint to present where we live and include facts about our town, county and country)

E-Safety - Using computers safely, effectively and responsibly.

We are app planners – planning the creation of a mobile app.

We are project managers – developing project management skills.

We are market researchers – researching the app market.

We are interface designers – designing an interface for an app.

We are app developers – developing a simple mobile phone app.

We are marketers – creating video and web copy for a mobile phone app.

Curriculum Map Key Stage 3

Year 7

Endangered Animals - create a four page A5 leaflet using Publisher for a charity called P.E.A.T.

Unit 7.4 – Using excel

Unit 7.6 – Game on (Coding)

Logo Progression - lessons 1, 2, 3.

E-Safety - Using computers safely, effectively and responsibly.

Turtle Art - programming with a graphical user interface.

Intro to Scratch.

Game On Scratch Unit - Pupils will follow the instructions to create a PACMAN game using SCRATCH code

Unit 7.5 – Murder Mystery (using data bases)

Year 8

Unit 8.4 Band Manager

Kodu: familiarisation.

Kodu independent project: students create their own game.

Unit 8.5 – Game on

Scratch: shooting game project - pupils will follow a set of instructions to create a shooting game.

Scratch assessment: reverse engineering.

E-Safety - Using computers safely, effectively and responsibly.

Introducing Python.

Python revision.