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Art Design & Design Technology

Within the Technology Department, the children are rotated on a six week cycle between Art Design, Food  and Design Technology. Each week pupils receive 1 technology lesson.

The main focus in Art Design is developing skills in using and applying a range of materials. Pupils undertake very different projects enabling them to experience a range of different art styles and explore a number of techniques and processes. Pupils are also given opportunities to develop their research, writing and reading skills within this subject, in the form of artist research, self evaluations, critical analysis of art work, comprehension and comparing and contrasting of art work.

Design Technology encompasses work with Food and Resistant Materials (wood, acrylic, electronics, etc). Projects involve the research, design, planning, making and evaluation of both their own projects and existing products.

Food relates to healthy eating, with a range of different equipment used in the making of a variety of products including sandwiches, healthy snacks and skill based products using basic methods of cooking.

Resistant Materials projects include the design and manufacture of a range of products including a simple toy, an illuminated key fob, a packaging exercise, a clock and an electronic alarm.