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Design and Technology

Design and Technology encompasses work with Food, Textiles and Resistant Materials (wood, acrylic, electronics, etc). Projects involve the research, design, planning, making and evaluation of both their own projects and existing products.

Food relates to healthy eating, with a range of different equipment used in the making of a variety of products including sandwiches, healthy snacks and skill based products using basic methods of cooking.

After undertaking a design process, textile projects include making a cross stitch greetings card, a decorated fabric phone case, producing a decorative tie dye cushion and decorating/making a denim bag.

Resistant Materials projects include the design and manufacture of a range of products including a simple toy, an illuminated key fob, a packaging exercise, a clock and an electronic alarm.

An ICT element covers computer activities related to Design and Technology control such as C.A.D (Computer Aided Drawing).