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Enrichment and Intervention 


Enrichment gives pupils an opportunity during Friday lesson 5 sessions to explore their passions and experience new activities and areas of learning. Please see below for our current list of activities.

History of Warfare (1066 to World War II)

KS2 - Horrible Histories

Comic Book Creation (Characters, Story and Drawing)

Language Club (Spanish, Italian, French, Maori, Russian and German)

Short Tennis

Japanese Taiko Drumming

Dance Club (Contemporary)

Drama Club

Stop Animation

Playground Games from the Past (hopscotch, french skipping, kerbee etc)

KS3 Netball

KS2 Fun Science

KS2 Sports and Social - improve your confidence with a different sport each week

Wrap around enterprise team - Menus, posters , website design, logo

KS3 Craft Activity

Nature Watch


KS2 Pop Art

KS2 Field Hockey

KS3 Jewellery Making and Design - incl pewter casting

Knitting & Crochet

KS3 Ultimate Frisbee


During Wednesday lesson 5, pupils across the Academy are given opportunities to accelerate their learning and catchup with their peers. This is normally in the form of intervention through small group activities.