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French - Modern Foreign Languages

In our teaching of French we aim to give all children the means of communicating with native speakers.

We offer a very active and practical course and all children are encouraged to participate fully, whether in class activities, group work or pairs. Our approach stresses communication through the target language. As skills develop, reading and writing are introduced. Role-plays are used widely as well as songs.  We also make regular links to Maths and Grammar in order to assist the pupils' learning of these fundamental areas of the curriculum.


ICT and Interactive White Boards are always used and include Powerpoint presentations, word documents, videos, oral learning activities and interactive games and activities to increase interest and variety to classes.


During the year, children are also given opportunities to record their work either orally onto videos or in written form using ICT. Other software is used as appropriate, but always with the aim of equipping the children with various means of communicating in French.


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