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Friends of SPA

Welcome to our Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (FOSPA) page.

What is this?

In September of 2013 a committee was formed with parents, carers and friends all of whom wanted to help provide the ‘little extras’ that make the children’s lives holistically richer whilst at the Academy.  We also have staff representatives from the school, they volunteer their own time and energy to represent the staff on the Committee.

The Committee is completely independent from the Academy, other than working to provide further enrichment to the lives and the environment of Academy’s pupils.  The Committee is made up of the following: minimum of two teaching staff; Mrs McCamley is a member without voting powers, as Principal; the rest of the Committee is made up of people like you and me - mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grannies, friends, carers et al – basically ANYBODY who is over 18 and has a connection with Sandye Place Academy and is prepared to help raise money for our children whilst they are at school.

On our committee we have several officer positions. These are:

Chairperson: oversees everything and officiates at meetings, which are Agenda based.

Vice-Chair: acts as substitute when needed.

Secretary: takes the meetings’ minutes and any other administrative work that is required.

Treasurer: in charge of overseeing any financial matters.

Vice Treasurer: like the Vice Chair, is there to support or act as substitute.

Things that you think are true but are not: 

* Must attend every meeting and help at everything –

Many people dismiss the idea of becoming a member of the Committee because of this.  All we ask is, if you can help then please offer whatever time you can.  We all have busy lives and can’t always balance everything we would like to.  However, thanks to the power of email it is a lot easier to participate these days, if not in body then in spirit; if you cannot attend meetings you can put forward suggestions for future fundraising or your point of view and/or concerns regarding an agenda item and these can be discussed.

*If I make a suggestion I will have to organise it all on my own -

Being a member of a Committee or an Association means that we work as a team, both for ideas and for the time needed to carry out and organise events.

*I will have to do things I don’t want to do because I am a committee member – you choose what you do to help, you may receive some guidance if you have volunteered for something but you will not be forced to do anything you don’t want to do. If you are uncomfortable meeting people you don’t know then don’t offer to do raffle tickets, instead set the tables up before people come in.

What will I get out of it? 

You have probably been involved with either supporting fundraising events at your children’s lower school by providing spending money or you may have been part of a committee raising funds for projects. It gives a sense of belonging.  Suddenly, once your child leaves their lower school, the school run no longer exists and you can feel isolated because you are no longer interacting with the school and other parents, family members, friends or carers.  You no longer feel a connection with the school because you don’t see staff in the playground to speak to and most communication is done via email or the children’s homework diaries.

However, becoming a member of the committee enables you to have that sense of community again. You see teachers, parents, carers, etc. at meetings or during preparations and during fundraising events. You are no longer alone or out of the loop, you soon develop that sense of belonging that your children gain almost immediately by becoming a pupil at the Academy. The most important thing YOU will get from becoming a member of Sandye Place’s P.T.F.A is fun. There is usually lots of chat (surprise, surprise) and giggles along the way and new friendships are made.

What are we fundraising for? 

At the beginning of each academic year the staff representatives will ask the School Council (which has children from all year groups represented on it) and all the teachers what they would like to enhance the educational resources for the children and the added extras if money was no object.

The Wish List can cover many different things; from short term fundraising items such as games and puzzles for rainy indoor lunchtime, solar protection covers for the windows in Dapifer Block, especially rooms 4 and 5, as it gets extremely difficult to teach using the interactive whiteboard on sunny days because of the brightness of the natural light. Longer term goals are: staging and lighting for the Drama department to make the shows more professional. DJ equipment so an extra-curricular lunchtime club can be run for pupils. Renovation/redesigning of the trim trail/climbing wall.

As you can see from these requests each and every one of them is important in its own right and will greatly benefit the children’s daily lives in school, whether they are learning based or fun based. The aim of FOSPA is to provide these types of needs, which the Academy cannot provide within their set budget. All of these goals are achievable, if we work together and support the events. I hope you share our enthusiasm to make a difference and enhance and enrich the children’s lives at Sandye Place Academy.