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Homework Policy

 Homework is an important part of every child’s learning. However, in order for it to be effective, it should be consistently applied across and within year groups. We endeavour to do this through a clear instructions, published timetable and monitoring.
The purpose of homework is:
 consolidation of skills and knowledge taught at school
 parental awareness of the curriculum
 developing self-discipline and responsibility
 providing opportunity for independent learning

The academy’s Homework timetable has been revamped to make it easier to understand for both pupils and parents, please see the timetable below. Staff will continue to put their homework on to pupils' e-praise accounts, which as parents you have full access to. It will also include brief details of what is expected of them, the time pupils should spend completing their homework, plus any resources and/or more detailed instructions will be attached. Please note, staff will also write ‘No homework set’ and give a brief reason why. Pupils are still expected to record their homework in their planners to encourage them to be organised and independent, even if they direct themselves to e-praise for further details.

We have allocated a day for core subjects to set and collect in homework. This is to establish a routine for weekly homework and ensure that we are not setting too much homework. We appreciate that in some cases pupils may be unable to complete a piece of homework on the allocated day due to a club or another commitment, but we do need your support as parents to help your child manage their time. Homework for year 6 should be 30 minutes per evening, in year 7 it should be 40 minutes and no more than an hour in year 8. In addition, pupils should read independently for 20 minutes every evening.

For non-core subjects, for example History; these subjects will set a minimum of one piece of homework per half term, unlike English/Maths and Science (core subjects) who set a pieceweekly. Foundation subjects may set homework on any day and usually teachers set homework the day they see the class. In order to ensure pupils do not become overwhelmed, teachers will give a two week deadline to ensure pupils have enough time to complete their homework.

Lastly, we have organised an after school homework club that is run by two members of staff. This has been put in place to support pupils who may struggle with some of their homework. Whilst at the club pupils have access to computers, resources and staff to help. If you wish to secure a place for your child please collect a letter from the office and return the permission slip.

The homework policy is available here.