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House System 

We are currently using Epraise as our online school rewards system, designed to motivate students. It works in a similar way to traditional school reward systems, except that the points are claimed and awarded online.

The House System has helped to motivate pupils to achieve and try their best. In particular, reading, behaviour, attendance and progress are key areas for pupils to focus on as part of the system.

The Academy operates a House system where each pupil is assigned to a colour and House team: Challenge, Discovery, Endeavour, Pursuit and Venture. Pupils remain in the same team throughout years 5-8, to provide consistency and security, essential for all students.  Miss Riberaud oversees the House Captains.

 Role of the House Captains

  • To support teachers gather names for competitions.
  • To deliver assemblies to present how their House is faring in Accelerated Reading, attendance, behaviour and epraise.
  • To run competitions to raise money.
  • To choose charities.
  • To motivate and enthuse their peers to take part in competitions.
  • To ensure pupils are reaching their full potential in every aspect of school life.
  • To give advice and support.
  • To monitor House data through the epraise system.
  • To celebrate successes but to also identify areas for improvement.
  • Competition and Rewards.
Many House competitions are held throughout the year in all subjects and children are given the opportunity to enter events and achieve points towards their House team. On the last week of the school year, there is a whole academy assembly to celebrate the winning House.

 Our reward system

Pupils are awarded praise points, House points, badges and commendations for doing something well. This may be for excellent achievement or progress in lesson, extra curricular involvement, attendance, or showing 'Values'.  Pupils are then rewarded in the praise shop, based on how many points they have received from the Academy. Many of the items in the praise shop have educational value e.g. stationery, school trips or taking on the responsibility of leading an activity to younger children.

Parents are encouraged to be involved with celebrating their child’s achievements by visiting

Current leaders: This is a live update from our epraise system.

Average Points per Student:

Example praise points shop item: