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All pupils are given a thorough grounding in number, algebra, shape, space, measure and handling data by the end of the four year course.

Mathematics lessons follow the guidelines in the National Numeracy Framework and are based on the four key principles.

  • Dedicated mathematics lessons
  • Direct teaching and interactive oral work
  • An emphasis on mental calculation
  • Controlled differentiation

The focus in year 5 is on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods and techniques. The focus in year 6 is on working with decimals, fractions and percentages. There are also elements of measuring, statistics, shape and space in both years.

As pupils enter years 7 and 8 the work progresses to more challenging mathematical concepts and processes, but work covered in earlier years is revisited as necessary.

Effective use of calculators is encouraged and ICT work is an integral part of the course with timetabled activities throughout the year groups.

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