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Our Results

The percentage of pupils at national expectations starting in the Academy has been low as can be seen from the entry results. For example, only 48% of Year 5 pupils starting in 2016 were at national expectation for Maths. However, as pupils move through the years at the Academy, a greater percentage of pupils are at expected standard.

Provisional SATS 2018 results 

Our SATS 2018 results saw an  improvement in all tests and expected standard. The progress score results are as yet unavailable (due Dec 18).

Please note progress score measures are from KS1 results. As a middle school, we only receive pupils in upper KS2, i.e Years 5 & 6. Therefore, the progress measure may not truly reflect the progress pupils have made in the Academy during upper KS2.

Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in

  2018 National 2018 2017 2016
Reading, Writing and Mathematics 64% 35% 20%* 31%
Reading 75% 64% 57% 50%
Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary & Spelling 78% 68% 53% 56%
Mathematics  76% 64% 57% 40%
Writing 78% 41% 21%* 80%

*Writing is teacher assessed and not test based. Teacher assessment is based on a broad range of evidence from across the curriculum and knowledge of how a pupil has performed over time and in a variety of contexts. It is carried out as part of teaching and learning.The Writing criteria in 2017 changed from a previously understood 'best fit' to 'must meet all' and hence the drop in results. The Academy has prioritised Writing across the curriculum for this academic year to drive up standards.

 Percentage of pupils achieving the high standard in

2018 National not yet released - due Dec 2018.

  2018 2017 2016
 Reading, Writing and Mathematics 2% 0% 1%
 Reading 13% 14% 7%
 Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary & Spelling 16% 13% 14%
 Mathematics  15% 9% 5%
 Writing 2% 0% 25%

Progress Scores from KS1 (middle school accountable for last 2 years of KS2)

2018 not yet released - due Dec 2018.

  2017 2016
 Reading progress score -4.3 -5.0
 Writing progress score -14.3 +1.0
 Mathematics progress score -4.9 -5.3

Average scaled score per pupil in

  2018 National 2018 2017 2016
 Reading 105 102 100 99
 Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary and Spelling 106 103 100 100
 Mathematics 104 102 99 99

You can access the latest DfE performance tables for Sandye Place Academy by clicking here.

To understand the new measures fully, please refer to the publications below.

New - Accelerated Reader programme 

After a summer pilot in July 2016, Sandye Place Academy launched the highly successful Accelerated Reader program for monitoring and managing targeted reading practice and motivating our pupils to read for pleasure. Alongside this, Sandye Place Academy uses STAR (Standardised Test for the Assessment of Reading) assessments to give accurate data about what our students know and what they are ready to learn next, informing our planning and teaching.

After a successful full year of implementation in 2016/17, all years have made very good progress, especially Year 5 who have made exceptional progress with 71% achieving standard.


2016 Entry

% At/Above Bencmark

2017 Exit

% At/Above Bencmark

Scaled Score progress points (Expected 85)
Year 5 57% 71% 142
Year 6 56% 63% 94
Year 7 52% 72% 129
Year 8 70% 73% 73


Sandye Place Academy uses GL Assessment’s Progress test in Maths at the end of an academic year to test attainment and progress. Year 5s also undertake a test in September to benchmark entry into the Academy.

The Progress Test Series is designed for use year on year, supporting teachers in identifying current attainment against the national average, and tracking their pupils’ progress.

The Progress Test in Maths (PTM) is a standardised assessment of pupils’ mathematical skills and knowledge. PTM assesses two dimensions of maths learning:

  • mathematical content knowledge based on the new National Curriculum(Curriculum Content Category)
  • Understanding and applying mathematical processes through reasoning and problem solving (Process Category)

All years have made very good progress, especially Year 5 who have made exceptional progress with 74% achieving standard.

Progress Test in Maths (PTM)  


%At Standard


%At standard

Year 5 48% 74%  
Year 6 38% 50% SATS 57%
Year 7 40% 61%  
Year 8 48% 70%