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Performing Arts


Welcome to Performing Arts at Sandye Place!

Performing Arts Co-ordinators: Miss Clare and Miss Halsey

Teacher of Dance: Miss Halsey

Teacher of Drama: Miss Clare

Teacher of Music: Mrs Crosier

Music, Drama and Dance as essentially abstract mediums of expression, are uniquely powerful in communicating straight to a feeling centre in most human beings. A relevant curriculum will aim to extend and deepen pupils' responses to the Performing Arts through the related activities of listening, performing and composing/creating. A dynamic programme with these at its heart will enhance aesthetic, cultural and expressive awareness for all children and provide an appropriate foundation to advanced study for those who wish to pursue a career in Music/Drama/Dance.

However, a Performing Arts education is not intended to cater just for the needs of the talented; all can derive considerable fulfilment and enjoyment at whatever level or in whatever form that best suits the particular needs of the individual.

The Performing Arts readily link with all aspects of our lives and make an important contribution to the life of the school and to the wider community. Pupils at Sandye Place will be encouraged to participate not only in the classroom, but also to contribute to a wide range of extra-curricular activities that take place throughout the year.

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