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Resistant Materials

Year 1st Rotation 2nd Rotation
Year 5

Wooden Toy Project –   Health & Safety

Developing 3D drawing skills

Designing and planning a wooden toy

Wooden Toy Project –   Health & Safety

Making the final design

Health & Safety

Year 6

Health & Safety

Maze Game – Designing and making a Travel Maze Game

Micro Torch project – Making a small electronic torch

Year 7

Packaging Project – Health & Safety

Learning about the technology of packaging

Putting that knowledge into designing and making a package for a specific product.

3D Router Project – Health & Safety

Learning and using the software to design and plan a computer program which will create a finished wooden design using a 3D Router and making that product.

Year 8

Clock Project -                  

Health & Safety

Designing and planning a clock face that will be made from acrylic.

Having the opportunity to use a Computerised Vinyl Cutter and a 3D Router to create the finished idea as a working clock.

Steady Hand Game -     

Health & Safety

Incorporate a simple electronic circuit into this type of game to enhance its operation.

Learning basic electronic skills.