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School Attendance

Quick fact:

Pupils are expected to arrive on time at 8.55am every day. 

Every pupil is expected to attend school for a minimum 97% of the time.

Current Attendance:

The following current attendance by year group is a live feed from our system.

At Sandye Place Academy we believe it is vitally important for pupils to attend school regularly and punctually. This will give them the opportunity to progress and achieve their full potential. Good attendance and punctuality will also encourage pupils to become responsible and resilient individuals, qualities that will serve them well through the rest of their education and in their future working lives.


At Sandye Place Academy we;

  • expect every pupil to attend school for a minimum of 97% of the time.
  • expect pupils to arrive on time at 8.55am every day.
  • will support parents in their legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school punctually.
  • believe family holidays should not be taken during term time. 

Click here for our step by step booklet to excellent attendance at Sandye Place Academy .

Government Expectations

In September 2015, the government changed the threshold for persistent absence from 85% to 90%. The government has also stated that any pupil who has 10 unauthorised sessions taken in 12 weeks, will be considered for a Fixed Penalty Notice. This is currently £60 per parent, per child.

As a result of this change, the Department for Education are reporting on any pupil who has 90% attendance at or below during this Academic year as well as anyone who has taken 10 unauthorised sessions within 12 weeks.

How will this affect you?

This means that school will be closely monitoring pupils who are not achieving an overall attendance of 97%. 

We will endeavour to provide earlier intervention with more communication if your son/daughter’s attendance falls below our expected target. We will aim to give you as much notice as possible in order for the situation to improve. This is so we can help improve your child's attendance before it becomes at critical government level. If we do not see an improvement in your child's attendance or we have concerns, we may invite you in for a meeting with the Access and Inclusion Officer from Central Bedfordshire Council.

Please remember that we are on your side! We understand that children can become unwell, however we need you to work and communicate with us. We are not trying to be difficult and we are not fining you just for your money (the money is paid to Central Bedfordshire Council). We are trying to teach your child life skills that will support them in the work place.

Attendance History:

2012 - 2013 94.1%
2013 - 2014 95.2%
2014 - 2015 95.6%
2015 - 2016 96.9%
2016 - 2017 96.1%