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Academy Trip to France 2016

Latest news on the Academy trip to France.

Thursday 26th May

Day 1: We set off from SPA on time and had a shockingly quiet journey to Dover. Once on the ferry the children enjoyed shopping for chocolate and Frappuccinos. We spent some time on the deck in the sunshine, watching Dover disappear and France grow closer on the horizon. The 90 minute journey sped by and soon it was time to get on the coach and set off. The journey from Calais to the accommodation only took an hour, which was spent watching Jurassic Park. The children were very excited to find their rooms and see what facilities were on offer. We had only been in the door 5 minutes when the boys grabbed the football, headed out on to the field and enjoyed the sunshine. Soon it was time for dinner, not a snail in sight (even they’ve gone on strike). We were very impressed with some of the children’s appetite, especially considering how many sweets they ate during the journey, with many of them even choosing to eat green beans. After dinner the staff led a scavenger hunt, where the children had to find items from a list written in French. Finally, they were given some free time to play and socialise outside. Fingers crossed for an early night (Haha!).

Friday 27th May

Day 2:  What a busy day it has been! We hopped from cobble to cobble at the market in Aire Sue La Lys and tried to converse with the stalls holders. After purchasing a few phone cases and presents for family members, we jumped back on the bus and set off to the beach. The weather was on our side and the sun came out to greet us as we enjoyed our baguettes on the beach. The boys played football, Frisbee and vortex, whilst the girls wrote in the sand and took far too many selfies. We made our way to the boulangerie, where we learnt how to make baguettes, French loaves and croissants. Luckily we each got to sample the finished product and nibbled our pain au chocolat and croissants on the way back to the bus. Next we went to the hypermarket and strolled around looking at what was on offer. The children bought lots of goodies, including make-up, toys, chocolate and lots of bottled water… The coach journey back to the chateau ended with a huge thunderstorm, but luckily by this point our main events for the day had ended. Dinner was served at 6pm, with pizza and roasted duck breast on offer. Many opted for the duck, much to our surprise, and enjoyed it immensely. Free time was then given to the children before getting an early night ready for our early morning, and long day out, at Park Asterix.

Saturday 28th May

Day 3: We set off early with some very sleepy, but excited, children on our way to Parc Asterisk for a day that would be full of frightening rides, ice cream, candy floss and sweets! Upon arrival most of the children made their way straight to the roller coasters to start the thrills. Hot and sunny weather allowed for a chance to slap on the sun cream and get out the shorts! After their lunch most opted to watch the dolphin show and were dazzled and amazed by these marvellous creatures. The star of the show was a baby dolphin, who might have struggled with the tricks but certainly ate most of the fish! All the children had a wonderful day; many returning with huge cuddly toys, rubber hammers, spears and swords; we need a bigger coach! Next home and dinner. Snails, snails, glorious snails…. Well they did it! They braved the garlicky terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs and loved it! Except for Mrs Kane and Miss Halsey that is! And of course Mrs Kane made sure they were not alive first; health and safety is paramount! Now off to our rooms to pack our bags and a well-earned sleep.

Sunday 29th May

Sadly our last day has come. So here we are packing bags, tidying rooms and leaving behind overflowing bins of sweet wrappers and sweet wrappers and ….Oui, you guessed it more sweet wrappers: not an apple core in sight! We then headed to Calais where the most finger licking workshop was awaiting: the chocolaterie! Miam! Here the children learnt the history behind chocolate and the art of chocolate making and piping. They applied their new learnt skills with gusto and produced some exceptional creations. Finally, we entered the magic stratus of chocolate heaven and the cash till went mad! Loaded with the tons of chocolates bought, we headed towards the docks. The crossing back was more “lively” than on our way out but it was great fun to balance in the corridors. Back at school children could not wait to see their parents/carers again and vice versa. Thank you all for the amazing time and enjoy the remaining of your holidays!