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Teaching and Learning Staff

The Academy has provided parents and carers with teachers' email addresses to enable you to contact them directly. Teachers will endeavour to reply within 36 hours. However there might be occasions where this might not be possible due to events outside their control, e.g. illness, school holidays, etc.

If an issue is urgent, please contact the school office directly on 01767 680420.

Mr Sale

Principal / PE

Mlle Riberaud

Assistant Principal / French / Science

Mr Carter

Head of Year 8 / Joint Head of Year 6 /

Science / Maths

Mrs Carter

Food & Textiles

Miss Clare

Drama / Maths

Mrs Crosier

English / Maths/ Music

Mrs Gregory

Head of Year 7 / Joint Head of Year 6 /

Maths / Foundation subjects

Miss Halsey

Performing Arts Co-ordinator / Dance/ Maths

Miss Heather

Art & Technology Co-ordinator / English

Mrs Hill

English Co-ordinator

Miss Hyde

Maths Co-ordinator / English / Science

Mr Ilett

Science Co-ordinator

Mr Lock

World Studies Co-ordinator / Geography / History

Ms Rook

English / SEND Co-ordinator

Mr Stonehouse

Pupil Premium & PE Co-ordinator / Maths

Mrs Welch