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January:    Courage

  • Courage is giving things a go and not giving up
  • Courage is being brave in facing your fears  and recognising and supporting others to be brave too
  • Courage is standing up and speaking out

February:    Love and caring

  • Love is caring and sharing
  • Love is feeling safe
  • Love is wanting the best for all

March:    Tolerance

  • Tolerance is accepting myself and others
  • Tolerance is knowing we are all different
  • Tolerance is being understanding and open minded

April:    Respect

  • Respect is knowing I am unique and valuable
  • Respect is liking who I am
  • Respect is listening to others

May:    Determination

  • Determination is that ‘I can do it’ feeling
  • Determination will get you through this
  • Determination is doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it

June:    Honesty

  • Honesty is telling the truth
  • Honesty is trust
  • Honesty is being true to yourself and to others

July:    Hope

  • Hope is being determined to get on
  • Hope is working hard to do your best
  • Hope is believing in your dreams

September:    Co-operation

  • Cooperation is helping one another
  • Cooperation is working together with patience
  • Cooperation is collective effort to reach a goal

October:    Responsibility

  • Responsibility is being fair
  • Responsibility is doing my share of the work
  • Responsibility is taking care of myself and others

November:    Thoughtfulness

  • Thoughtfulness is considering the needs and feelings of others
  • Thoughtfulness is thinking about your own actions and sorting things out to make the future better
  • Thoughtfulness is understanding and remembering the sacrifices others have made

December:    Peace

  • Peace is when we get along
  • Peace is having positive thoughts for myself and other’s
  • Peace begins within each of us