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Welcome Message

People who visit Sandye Place Academy tell us within minutes that we feel very different compared to many other schools. There is something in the atmosphere here that begins when you first encounter the magnificent grounds and facilities; but it is much more than that. People find it difficult to describe at first. They are most likely to say, “There’s a buzz in the air.” After they have been here for while they remark how well everyone treats each other, how our pupils are polite and generous and observe that they do not have to read about our values, they can feel them in every interaction with any staff member and every child. You see, we are a family here, a family with great and clear purpose. The purpose is to promote love in everything we do. Love for each other in our acceptance of each individual as they emerge and develop, genuine love for learning, and deep love for the process of building possibilities and raising aspirations.

Come and feel it for yourself.

Our Vision